90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!

Taking Actions to Wins

April 05, 2022 SandyB Season 4 Episode 65
90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!
Taking Actions to Wins
Show Notes

90 Day Wins Podcast 

Taking Actions to Wins Ep.65

What actions are you taking in Q2 to achieve your wins? We all have a choice to plan our wins and execute them or sit on the sidelines and be fearful. 

Winning is about taking risks for your goals. 

Many people are moving forward, achieving big Wins this season. 

One person who made history this week is Dawn Staley! She is the first black head coach to achieve multiple NCAA Championship. She continues to motivate and inspire her teams to victory. 

Another woman making history this week is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. She will be the first Black Female Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America. Her story is encouraging and inspiring to so many women. 

Sandy B talks with Sally Green, Creative Director of Action Takers Publishing. Sally shares her story of taking action. And the importance of encouraging others to share their stories. 

Sally says," We want you to be able to hand this book to your family or your friends and say read my story. Be proud of what you've written, and be proud of what you've done."

Listen to be encouraged to Take Action to Win!

If you are interested in learning more about Action Takers Publishing, send a message to Sally. 




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