90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!

Family goal setting to Wins!

October 12, 2021 SandyB Season 3 Episode 51
90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!
Family goal setting to Wins!
Show Notes

A family that sets goals together Wins together. Setting goals with your family promote family connection. Teaches accountability and encourages a Goal Getter mindset.  In this episode SandyB encourages you to Set goals with your  family and Win. 

Is your family important to you? Do you want to see your loved ones win? One of the way families can win together is by Goal setting and achieving together. 
Setting family goals promotes family connection. 

How are you helping your family members achieve goals? What plans has your family committed to this quarter? A family that plans together wins together. 

For more information on Setting Goals read our blog post here. 


SMART Goals Worksheet

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