90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!

82: Win by Association!

November 04, 2022 SandyB Season 5 Episode 82
90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!
82: Win by Association!
Show Notes

90 Day Wins Podcast 
Win by Association!  Ep.82

Who you associate with can determine how often you win—a common connection between people or organizations. 

What have you gained from being a part of an association? As we prepare for a year of Win's in 2023. Let's take time to evaluate the benefits of being in association with people with a common interest. This season is an excellent time to decide which associations to join and participate in to achieve wins together. 

Being in an association where you can win together is the goal. 

  1. You can serve by giving your time and using your expertise for the association to be successful and achieve its goals. 
  2. You can learn from the people within the association and acquire valuable knowledge and assistance to achieve your goals. 
  3. It is a Win-Win situation. 

Top things to consider when thinking of joining an organization:

  1. What are their goals and objectives? Do they align with my values?
  2.  How will you be of service to the group? Where can you serve?
  3. Who can you learn from in the association? What type of people make up the membership? 
  4. What time commitments will you commit to working with the organization actively? 

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