90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!

You can beat Procrastination and Win!

September 14, 2021 SandyB Season 3 Episode 47
90 Day Wins: Achieving Goals Every Quarter!
You can beat Procrastination and Win!
Show Notes

Are you a procrastinator? Are you ready to stop procrastinating and get things done? We are currently on Day 3 of the 7-Day Beat Procrastination challenge. Our goal for these seven days is to motivate you to beat procrastination and get your wins. This episode SandyB shares some of the lessons and tips we are learning this week. In order for us to get our wins this quarter and be ready to execute for Q4.

Why would someone put something important off to the last minute? For any number of reasons, people procrastinate. Why would we knowingly delay a task? 

 Learning this information is a game changer. If you are willing to make the necessary changes for yourself improvement.  We have an opportunity to help ourselves and our families change our health for the better. 

 We can beat procrastination and Win. We can change our mindset. 

How do we do this exactly? Many of us have been dealing with it for years. It will require work and dedication to break this Habit. We take simple situations for granted, but we can better understand our thoughts and change them when we look a little deeper. 

 7 Steps to help Beat Procrastination

  1.  Forgiveness 
  2. Set Goals
  3. Prioritize your Tasks
  4. No Distractions
  5. Stay Motivated
  6. Accountability
  7. Celebrate your Wins 

 The information is clear; we can change our procrastination habits and use these tips and strategies in our lives starting today. If you are ready for the change, you desire in your life.

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